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Thank you for your interest in GrSMS, an iPhone front-end to the Greek portal for SMS messages. Please read the following text for more information for cost and limitations!

What this application can do:

1.Write and send SMS messages in Greek, by using an optimized version of the "Greek keyboard for the web" keyboard. 2.Send SMS through internet. iPhone and iPod Touch devices are supported. 3.Use numbers in your contact list, or use any desirable number. 4.SMS with 160 characters per message

What this application can NOT do:

1. Due to SMS encoding limitations, only uppercase Greek letters are supported 2. Send SMS through your mobile provider - this is an iPhone limitation. 3. Send SMS messages if no active internet connection is present. 4. Send SMS messages to non-greek mobile phones.


After registering this application through your iPhone, 10 free SMS are given. When these messages are over, you can buy a Pack of 100 SMS for 7.5 euros through PayPal. No extra charges are present (except if your provider charges extra for browsing the internet). The credit card is only charged once. The cost per SMS is 0.075 euros.

The language of the application is in Greek.

Since now iPhone is able to send and receive SMS in the greek language, this application has been retracted from the App Store.