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Fitness Oracle

Thank you for your interest in iCalCalc, your personal metabolic rate calculator.

With this application you will be able to calculate metabolic rate at any time! Your personal metabolic rate calculator will be always in your pocket.

This is a tool for both, diaitology practitioners and people who want to measure their daily energy expenditure, based on the time honored Harris-Benedict method, used for more than 40 years in clinical diaitology applications, and the more accurate recent Miffin-Jeor method. The choice is yours.

Highlights of this application

Two methods to calculate metabolic rates :

Harris / Benedict

Miffin / Jeor

Calculation of the following attributes, based on Excercise Coefficient:

Basal Metabolic Rate

Real Metabolic Rate

Daily Energy Intake

Innovative method of weight loss calculation with Risk factor estimation

All measurements take into account the sex, the weight and the age of the selected subject.

Warning: This application can be used as a guideline to measure your energy expedition. Although it has been clinically used for a long period of time, these methods are empirical with known deviations and a it can not substitute a specialized practitioner.

The application utilizes only the metric system, due to the form of the proposed formulas.


Firness Oracle

Fitness Oracle