Personal Information

Birth Date: 28 December 1971.

Family status: Not married.

Military Service: Completed, March 1996 - December 1997.


2006: PhD in Bioinformatics, Univercity of Athens, Greece, Degree: Excellent.

2002: MSc in Computer Science, Univercity of Athens, Greece, Degree: 9.32 (out of 10).

1999: BSc in Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Degree: 7.45 (out of 10).






Academic sector

2008/2-today: Collaborate Researcher with qualifications of the 4th Degree, Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos", Athens , Greece.

2007/2-2008/6: Non linear analysis of biomedical images, Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos", Athens, Greece.

I.T. sector

2010/3-today: Mobile Supervisor, WebST S.A., Athens, Greece.

2005/1-2005/7: Development of DNA statistical applications, Hellenic Police, Greece.

2003/1-2003/7: Development of Biomedical visualization applications, Faculty of IT, University of Houston, USA.

2001/3-2002/12: Biology Applications Programmer, Biology Department, University of Athens, Greece.

2000/9-2001/10: System Administrator / Web Developer, Network Operation Center, University of Athens, Greece.


2009/5-today: iOS Application Programmer, Web Relations, Athens, Greece.

2009/7-today: Application Programmer for Desktop and Mobile Devices for Products Promotion, Frank, Athens, Greece.

2006/2-today: System Administrator of the Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics Laboratory, National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos", Athens, Greece.

2004/1-today: File Manager Administrator of the Computer Graphics Group, University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Awards, Honours and Scholarships

2001/12/7: Android application Giortes won 3rd place in the “Brains and Puzzles" category, in the HTC GrAnd competition.

2003-2005: During my PhD studies I was able to receive scholarship for my work in biocomputational analysis, from the Hellenic Ministry of Education, HERAKLEITOS Research Program 70/3/7156 with Emphasis on Basic Research.



P. Katsaloulis. Non linear analysis and visualization of the genome of evolutionary newer organisms. PhD thesis, Univercity of Athens, Greece, 2006.

P. Katsaloulis. Statistical algorithms for analyzing oligonucleotide combinations: Applications in human chromosomes 21 and 22. Master’s thesis, Univercity of Athens, Greece, 2002.

P. Katsaloulis. Simulation of fluorescence II cinetics with the help of a computer. Bachelor thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1999.

Refereed Journals

P. Katsaloulis, T. Theoharis, and A. Provata. Statistical distributions of oligonucleotide combinations: applications in human chromosomes 21 and 22. Physica A, 316:380, 2002.

P. Katsaloulis, T. Theoharis, and A. Provata. Statistical algorithms for long DNA sequences: Oligonucleotide distributions and homogeneity maps. Scientific Programming, 13:177, 2005.

P. Katsaloulis, T. Theoharis, P. Simos, A. Papanicolaou, D. Francis, and I. Kakadiaris. Visualization and co-registration of multiple MEG activation records over a 3D Talairach model brain. Computer Graphics and CAD / CAM, 1(4):122, 2006.

P. Katsaloulis, T. Theoharis, W. M. Zheng, B. L. Hao, A. Bountis, Y. Almirantis, and A. Provata. Long-range correlations of RNA polymerase II promoter sequences across organisms. Physica A, 366:308, 2006.

P. Katsaloulis, T. Theoharis, and A. Provata. Non-linear clustering analysis of oligonucleotide size distributions. Journal of Theoretical Biology Biology, 258:18–26, 2009.

P. Katsaloulis, D. A. Verganelakis, and A. Provata. Fractal dimension and lacunarity of tractography images of the human brain. Fractals, 17:181–189, 2009.

N. Tairis, P. Katsaloulis, A. Metheniti, K. Mazitsos, and P. Miniati. Allele frequencies of 15 str loci of powerplex16 in a greek population. submitted to Forensic Science International.

P. Katsaloulis, A. Tsekoura, and P.Miniati. Statistical analysis of y-chromosome strs in greek population. submitted to Forensic Science International.

Conference Publications

P. Katsaloulis, E. Floros, A. Provata, Y. Cotronis, and T. Theoharis. Gridification of the SHMap biocomputational algorithm. ITAB 2006, 2006.

P. Katsaloulis, A. Provata, and T. Theoharis. Long range distributions in complete chromosomes of higher eucaryotes. 18th Congress of Non-Linear Dynamics and Complexity, Volos, Greece, 2005, 2006.

P. Katsaloulis, P. Simos, D. Francis, A. Papanicolaou, and I. Kakadiaris. 3D visualization of MEG activation records within a semi-transparent Talairach model brain. 1st International Conference on Geometric Modeling, Visualization and Graphics, JCIS, 2005.

A. Provata and P. Katsaloulis. Dynamic mechanisms of dna evolution. 13th Congress of Non-Linear Dynamics and Complexity 2000, Chania, Greece, 2001.

Publications in popular I.T. magazines

P. Katsaloulis. Series of articles concerning AmigaBasic. Computer Magazine Pixel, 1998.

Mobile Applications

iOS Applications


Museum of Cycladic Art

Fairy Tale Never Told

Helena Paparizou

Giortes Plus



Rythmos 949

Libro Bookstore

Greek Keyboard

Fitness Oracle





iPresent my World

Android Applications




Open Source Movement

2009/9-today: Core contributor of the cross-compiler toolchain XMLVM, in the iOS compatibility layer and iPhone emulator.

2008/12-today: Author of Jupidator, a library/tool in Java for automatic updating of applications.

2007/10-today: Author of JavaPlot, a Java frontend for the gnuplot package.

2005/7-today: Author of Jubler, a multi-platform text subtitle authoring tool.

2003/3-2003/6: Editor of the Greek section of the FreeFont project.

2000/10-today: Administrator of the Greek internationalization list of Hellenic Linux User Group

2000/5-2003/7: Vice President of the Hellenic Linux User Group, the official LUG of Greece.

1999-2003: Group leader of the Graphis Project, a Linux internationalization project for the Greek language.

Operating Systems

Linux: Slackware, RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, Debian, Ubuntu

Mac OS X: Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard

Windows: 3.1, 3.11, 3.11 fW, 95, 98, NT, W2k, XP, Vista; DOS

SunOS, Solaris



Amiga: AmigaDOS, Workbench

Programming Languages

Objective C: iPhone/iPad

Java: S.E, M.E., Android SDK

C/C++: GCC, ANSI C/C++


SQL: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Shell Script: BASH, FISH



Pascal: Turbo Pascal, Delphi


BASIC: ZX-BASIC, AmigaBasic, AMOS, Visual Basic, QBASIC

Assembly: Z80A, MC68000

Last update: 2/11/2011